SEPTEMBER HOLIDAY PROMO: Use coupon code “SEPT20” to enjoy $20 OFF per person

SEPTEMBER HOLIDAY PROMO: Use coupon code “SEPT20” to enjoy $20 OFF per person

SEPTEMBER HOLIDAY PROMO: Use coupon code “SEPT20” to enjoy $20 OFF per person

Starry Night - Night Kayak Fishing at Pulau Ubin

$̶2̶5̶0̶ = 169 per person
Promotional Rate for 2 person or more
Listen to the quiet serenity of the night and feel its cool night breeze as you fish under the stars.

Leave your sunscreen and hat at home, you don’t need it here.

Your Kayak Fishing Night Trip starts just before sunset (around 5.00pm to 6.00pm).

As the Sun sets and night falls, the seabed becomes a hive of activity from the bigger predatory fishes. They start hunting for the smaller fishes amongst the nooks and crannies of the coral reef.

Monsters like Mangrove Jack, Barramundi, Grouper and even Shark lurk below your kayak!

As the cherry on top, your guide will cook your ‘catch of the night’ at an exclusive seaside home on Pulau Ubin. Sit back and enjoy the freshest fish in your life.

This trip is perfect for folks looking for an after-work fishing activity and also a perfect kayak fishing trip for anyone who dislikes burning up in the Singapore sun.

Each kayak is equipped with a marine navigation light that is visible from more than 2 nautical miles away. On top of that, you are also equipped with a waterproof head lamp, so you can see everything around you.

We can customise a trip to your specific needs, like a bigger group or a later starting time. Drop us a Whatsapp message and let us do the planning for you.

Route: 6-8 km
Duration: 6 hours
Time : 5.00pm

You don’t need to bring anything!

We provide everything you need at no additional cost. All you have to do is show up.

  1. Your professional guide
  2. Hobie leg-powered fishing kayaks (#1 fishing kayak in the world)
  3. Kayak fishing lessons
  4. Penn Saltwater fishing rod and reel
  5. Bait
  6. Life jacket (PFD)
  7. Walkie-Talkies (everyone gets one! copy that?)
  8. Ready to use fishing Rig (hook, line and sinker)
  9. DSLR photo package!
  10. Snacks & Drinks
  11. Sunscreen
  12. Fishing permits
  13. Insurance
  14. Tax absorption
  15. Free fishing lure
  16. Marine Navigation lights
  17. Headlamps
  18. A fresh seafood meal on a traditional kampong home on Pulau Ubin
  1. Water bottle
  2. Covered footwear
Starry Nights Highlights

Why Choose 'Starry Night'?

First and only Night Kayak Fishing Adventure in Singapore.

The perfect night activity for adventure seekers.

Safety First

Experienced only night kayak tour in Singapore approved by Marine Port Authority (MPA). Marine navigation light on your kayak ensures that you are visible from at least 2 nautical miles and the waterproof headlamp provided light up everything in front of you.

If you need assistance at any point during the trip, you are only a walkie talkie button away from your kayak fishing guide.

Great Fishing at Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin’s mangrove ecosystem supports a healthy fishery around the island. 80% of all wild juvenile fishes spend their childhood inside Pulau Ubin’s extensive mangrove system. The daily changing tides provide a constant source of food and the mangrove roots provide protection from the predators.

When the fishes get too big for the mangrove roots to protect them, they venture out of the mangrove into the waters around the island. With a constant supply of fish from the mangrove, fishing is always good around Pulau Ubin.

Catch and Cook (Freshest Seafood Meal)

Sit back and enjoy the freshest fish in your life. Your guide will cook your ‘catch of the night’ and even some freshly plucked mussels for a sumptuous seafood supper. The mandatory 4th meal in Singapore.

Exclusive Access to Seaside Home

Enjoy your seafood meal at a rustic seaside kampong on Pulau Ubin, the resident of this house has kindly offered us exclusive excess to his home.

Travel back in time and experience what Singapore’s kampong life looked and felt like back in the 50s and 60s.

Big Fish in the Sea

Big Fish in the Sea Pulau Ubin mix of salt and freshwater (brackish water) supports a thriving ecosystem of species that are found nowhere else in Singapore.

At night, when the bigger predatory fishes come out to play, you have a chance to hook up monsters like Mangrove Jack, Catfish, and even the delicious Barramundi.

Beautiful sunset

Enjoy the most incredible view of a beautiful sunset out at sea

5-Star Kayak Fishing Guide Included!

With over 1500 5-star reviews and 10,000 happy guests, you can be confident your guide will provide an amazing and unforgettable kayak fishing experience.

Fish Like Dolphins

Similar to dolphins, your guide uses Sonar and GPS technology to accurately find fishes swimming around and below you.

FREE DSLR Photo Package

During your kayak fishing adventure, your guide will capture stunning photos of you using a Sony DSLR camera. These photos will be expertly edited and provided to you at no additional cost.

Leave your phone in your car or securely stow it in our truck. Stay in the moment and focus on fishing, let your guide take care of all your photography needs.

Small Group Adventure

Experience personalised attention from your guide as our trips are exclusively conducted in small groups.

Whether you require assistance with baiting hooks or safely handling fish on the water, your guide will be beside you, readily available to offer support!

You Don't Need to Bring a Thing!

What's Included:
1) Your professional guide
2) Hobie leg-powered fishing kayaks (#1 fishing kayak in the world)
3) Kayak fishing lessons
4) Penn Saltwater fishing rod and reel
5) Bait
6) Life jacket (PFD) (extra small sizes available for kids)
7) Walkie-Talkies (everyone gets one! copy that?)
8) Ready to use fishing Rig (hook, line and sinker)
9) DSLR photo package!
10) Snacks & Drinks
11) Fishing permits
12) Insurance
13) Tax absorption
14) Free fishing lure
15) Marine Navigation lights
16) Headlamps
17) A fresh seafood meal on Pulau Ubin

Fun Adventure for Kids!

Fever's Kayak Adventures are designed for all fitness levels and age groups. It's great for kids as young as 5 years old.

For kids younger than 5, please contact us and we can customised a trip specially for you and your precious one

Suitable for All Group Types

Whether you're a solo angler, a large family, a group of friends, a couple, or even a corporate group, we have the perfect trip for you!

Walkie-Talkies for Everyone

Say 'Hello!' to your guide and to each other using your Walkie-Talkie. Everyone, including the kids, gets one. Communicate instantly with your guide and each other, even from a distance.

Guaranteed fun for both kids and adults. Copy that?

With a Walkie-Talkie, your guide can address all your questions and needs immediately.

Free Cancellation

We understand that life can throw curveballs. Cancel your trip up to 10 days before your scheduled date and receive a complete refund, no questions asked.

Pedal on the Water

The leg-pedal kayak is user-friendly for both kids and adults, requiring no prior kayaking experience. It's just like cycling on the water.