SEPTEMBER HOLIDAY PROMO: Use coupon code “SEPT20” to enjoy $20 OFF per person

SEPTEMBER HOLIDAY PROMO: Use coupon code “SEPT20” to enjoy $20 OFF per person

SEPTEMBER HOLIDAY PROMO: Use coupon code “SEPT20” to enjoy $20 OFF per person

The Ultimate Team building Adventure

Perfect outdoor activity designed for maximum fun for large groups

Want to try new adventure for your corporate team building? Reach out to us today!

Team Building

Let us help you plan the perfect outdoor activity for your next corporate team building, incentive trip or company retreats.

Unforgettable Party

Host your next party with us, be it birthday party, Stag & Hen party or any other kind of celebrations.

Highly Rated and Highly Recommended

Fever’s kayak fishing is the #1 rated outdoor Team-building activity on Tripadvisor(Singapore). With over x1000 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews across platforms like Google, Tripadvisor and Facebook, you can be confident that your corporate and party will have a great time out on the water.

Made for Everyone

Fever’s kayak fishing adventure is designed for all physical fitness levels and age groups. No kayaking or fishing experience needed. You don’t even need to know how to swim!

Your fishing kayaks are leg-powered, they work just like a bicycle. Move your legs back and forth and you’ll be rocketing through the water to the best fishing spots in Singapore.

Before we head into the water, your friendly fishing guides will teach you basic fishing technique, and in no time, you’ll be reeling in your catch of the day.

We prepare everything!

Just bring your hat and sunscreen! We’ve got everything else covered! We provide fishing rod & reel, fishing bait, fishing rigs, and all the things you need to enjoy a fun-filled day fishing with your team.

Award winning bingo game!

The group will be separated into fishing teams of 2-4 persons. Each team will be given a fishing bingo card, you have to work together to check off the bingo square to win the Bingo! Each square contains: fishing tasks, trivia questions and objectives that need to be completed on the water. The first 2-3 teams that complete the Bingo will win attractive fishing prizes!

There are also points associated with each bingo box, the team that scores the most points at the end of the trip will be crowned champions. They will walk away with The Fishing Champion Jerseys and other prizes (worth over $300).

End on a High

Finally, the day ends with some ice cold drinks and beers that will be served out on the water.

The professionally taken and edited photos will be sent to you and your team for FREE!

Route: 1-3 km
Duration: 3-4 hours
Time : 7.00am (Morning trip) / 1.00pm (Afternoon trip)

Fishing Experience: Beginner
Physical Difficulty: Easy

We provide everything you need to enjoy kayaking and fishing in Singapore.

  1. Hobie Leg-Powered fishing kayaks (#1 in the world)
  2. Hobie Leg-Powered Mirage Drive
  3. Fishing rod and reel (Penn)
  4. Bait
  5. Life jacket
  6. VHF radios (everyone get one!)
  7. All fishing rigs prepared (hook, line and sinker)
  8. Professionally taken photo edited and sent to you for FREE
Sun Protection
  1. Sunblock
  2. Hat
  3. Shades (sunnies)
  4. Bottle of Water
Reason To Buy


Big savings for large groups!

Up to $50 OFF per person when you book your corporate activity with us.

No hidden cost - NO GST or additional tax fees apply when you book your team building activity with Fever SG

Designed for maximum fun (4 hour activity)

We get it. A full day of an outdoor activity might not be for everyone. That’s why we’ve condensed the most exciting elements of Kayaking and Fishing into an action packed half day adventure!

Our Team Building adventures will get everyone excited

Your personal adventure guide will take care of EVERYTHING

Our highly trained adventure guides will bring you to the best fishing spots, take amazing photos, prepare your equipment, and tell you fun and engaging stories about our natural environment!

Your dedicated guide is equipped with

  • Raymarine Fish Finders to locate where the fish are
  • All the equipment you'll need for your kayak adventure
  • Fun and interesting stories

Fun fact: Our adventure guides are hand selected and trained from the 100s of applicants that go through our training school. Only 2-3 guides make it through to become full fledged guides!

No Swimming or Kayaking Experience Needed

Our kayaks are made by the best Kayak manufacturer on the planet. There is close to 0 chance of capsizing. Even if you do decide to swim, lifejackets are provided for everyone.

Your adventure guide is also lifesaving trained and will assist you should anything happen.

No prior fishing, kayaking or swimming experience needed.

Kayak Fishing / Kayak Fishing at Sentosa – Skip all the heavy lifting and let us do all the planning for you!

Tasked to plan the next team building activity?

We’ve got you covered, we’ll plan your adventure so all you have to do is show up!

Our team building activities are methodically designed to offer our clients incredible, unique, and memorable group experiences. Regardless of the industry in which you work, the team building experience we’ll provide will bring together your team and increase its overall performance and morale.

Perfect for beginners and all fitness levels

Fever’s Kayak Adventures are designed for all fitness levels and age groups. Over 90% of our guests have never kayaked or fished but 99% of our guests catch a fish on our kayak fishing tours!

Your safety is our #1 priority

We understand the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for our guests to enjoy their experience. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that our equipment is well-maintained and our guides are properly trained in safety procedures.

Each kayak goes through inspection before EVERY trip to ensure that they are in serviceable condition. Your adventure guide maintains close communication with our HQ to stay updated on the latest weather conditions during your trip.

We take every measure possible to ensure that our customers are safe at all times.