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Snap & Seal Hatch 8″ upgrade Kit


Hobie original hatch cost $159, this is only $39, more than $100 cheaper without any compromise on quality. Problem with the Original Twist and Seal hatch: The rubber seal of Hobie expands in the singapore heat and makes it difficult to close the hatch completely, and if you do successfully close the Hobie hatch, it’s such a tight fit that it gets stuck and it’s almost impossible to open it out on the water without any tools. The Fever Snap and Seals is easy to close and open, you’ll never have any inconvenient issue of a hatch that is stuck. It’s EASY to upgrade to the Fever’s Snap and Seal Hatch, The hatch is moulded to fit perfectly into the opening of any hobie’s twist and seal hatch. Just remove the old hatch, and place the new hatch in it’s place. (Stainless screws provided) The new style Hatch is lighter than the original and has a better seal. The lid is hinged so you’ll never lose it over the side. Made for hobie kayaks, Nylon Kayak Deck Plate Hatch Boat Canoe Rigging Accessories

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