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Kayak Balloon Wheels for Hobie Wheel Cart


$49.90 for 1 $99.80 for 2 Made for Hobie Trax 2 Sand Wheelcart. 9 inch 23cm Retail price of 1 Original hobie Wheeleez wheel is $100 SGD 📏 Custom fitted 📏 Custom fitted with a PVC tube to fit Hobie Trax 2 Sand Wheelcart perfectly. We can Drill the hole to Axel hole to any size between 12mm and 25mm 🧈 Smooth like butter 🧈 The custom PVC inserts ensures that the wheels roll smoothly with barely any resistance 💪🏻 Durability💪🏻: Extremely durable. Made from a thinker material than Wheeleez wheels 🔪 Puncture resistant 🔪 : We have used them for more than a year and never had a single puncture. (almost daily use) Unlike Hobie’s Wheeleez wheels which puncture pretty easier. 💰 Wallet Friendly 💰: 50% off the price of an Original Hobie Wheels 🥇Money back guarantee!🥇 If you don’t like the wheels, we will give you a full refund within the week!

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