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Hobie Kayaks Mirage Drive Replacement Turbo / ST Fin


$39.90 for 1 turbo fin $79.80 for 2 turbo fin. 💪🏻 Durability💪🏻: Extremely durable fins. We have used them on Fever Fishing Tours for over a year now, they can survive the abuse of almost daily usage. 🔪 Split resistant 🔪 : Would not split along the zig-zag connection. Strong 1-piece construction 🍄 Fungus resistance 🍄: It’s black, even if there’s fungus growth, you won’t see it, your fins will look as good as new always. 💰 Wallet Friendly 💰: 75% off the price of an Original Hobie. 🥇Latest Version Guaranteed🥇: The other 3 party fins in the market breaks easier at the connection, this is the strongest so far. 🛶 Compatible with all Leg-Pedal Fin Drive 🛶

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