Frequently Asked Questions


What do I have to bring?

Just your hat and sunblock, we've got everything else covered.  


Where can I keep my valuables? 

You can leave your stuff in our car for safe keeping.


Can I keep the fish?

We support catch and release to ensure the sustainability of the reefs.


I've never fish or kayak before, can I still join the tour?

Yes, you got nothing to worry about! Your guide will turn you into a kayak fishing pro.


I can't make it for the 7am time slot, can you arrange a tour that suits my trip schedule?

Sure we can! drop us an email and we'll do our best to fit a tour into your trip!


Can I fish more than the stated tour duration?

Yes, if there are no bookings after you, we'll be happy to extend the time. 


What is the maximum number of people per trip?

We can bring out a maximum of 4 person per trip, for bigger groups, drop us an email, we’ll make special arrangement for more guides.


Where is the meeting point?

The meeting point depends on the chosen tour. You'll get an email with the google maps location and the best way to get there.


What happens when it rains?

We'll fish rain or shine, if the rain gets too heavy, we'll take shelter somewhere, don't worry,  you'll get your full 4 hours of fishing.


What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel at least 1 week in advance, we'll refund the full amount. 


Are there washroom and shower facilities?

There are washroom and shower facility at all the tour start and end point. 


Is the tour conducted in English?

Yes, the tour is conducted in English. Don't worry, if English is not your first language, your guide is very expressive.  


Are kids allowed?

Yes! but all kids 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the same tandem kayak.


Is this tour safe?

Yes, life jackets are provided. Your guide is a certified lifesaver and is also wilderness-first-aid trained. You're in good hands. 


What happens if we don't catch any fish?

We cannot guarantee a catch but we guarantee that you'll have a great time out at sea. If not, we'll give a full refund. 


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